Papers by Marta Zawierta

  1. Dorota Mackiewicz, Marta Zawierta, Wojciech Waga, Stanisław Cebrat (2010)
    Genome analyses and modelling the relationships between coding density, recombination rate and chromosome length Journal of Theoretical Biology
    267 (2) pp. 186-192
  2. Wojciech Waga, Marta Zawierta, Jakub Kowalski, Stanisław Cebrat (2009)
    Darwinian purifying selection versus complementig strategy in Monte Carlo simulations From Genetics to Mathematics - Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, ed. J. Miekisz, M. Lachowicz, World Scientific.
    (79) pp. 70-102
  3. Jakub Kowalski, Wojciech Waga, Marta Zawierta, Stanisław Cebrat (2009)
    Phase transition in the genome evolution favours non-random distribution of genes on chromosomes Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
    20 (8) pp. 1299-1309
  4. Marta Zawierta, Wojciech Waga, Dorota Mackiewicz, Przemysław Biecek, Stanisław Cebrat (2008)
    Phase Transition in Sexual Reproduction and Biological Evolution Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
    6 (19) pp. 917-936
  5. Marta Zawierta, Przemysław Biecek, Wojciech Waga, Stanisław Cebrat (2007)
    The role of intragenomic recombination rate in the evolution of population's genetic pool Theory in Biosciences
    125 (2) pp. 123-132
  6. Wojciech Waga, Dorota Mackiewicz, Marta Zawierta, Stanisław Cebrat (2007)
    Sympatric speciation as intrinsic property of expanding populations. Theory in Biosciences
    126 () pp. 53-59

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