Papers by Jakub Kowalski

  1. Jakub Kowalski, Stanisław Cebrat (2010)
    Evolution of the recombination rate distribution along chromosome in Penna model. ''Proceedings of the Sixteen National Conference on Applications of Mathematics in Bology and Medicine, Krynica, September 14–18, 2010 pp. 71-75
  2. Jakub Kowalski, Wojciech Waga, Marta Zawierta, Stanisław Cebrat (2009)
    Phase transition in the genome evolution favours non-random distribution of genes on chromosomes Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
    20 (8) pp. 1299-1309
  3. Wojciech Waga, Marta Zawierta, Jakub Kowalski, Stanisław Cebrat (2009)
    Darwinian purifying selection versus complementig strategy in Monte Carlo simulations From Genetics to Mathematics - Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, ed. J. Miekisz, M. Lachowicz, World Scientific.
    (79) pp. 70-102

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