Papers by Przemysław Gagat

  1. Przemysław Gagat, Dorota Mackiewicz, Paweł Mackiewicz (2017)
    Peculiarities within peculiarities - dinoflagellates and their mitochondrial genomes Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources
    2 (1) pp. 191-195
  2. Przemysław Gagat, Paweł Mackiewicz (2017)
    Cymbomonas tetramitiformis - a peculiar prasinophyte with a taste for bacteria sheds light on plastid evolution. Symbiosis
    71 () pp. 1-7
  3. Paweł Mackiewicz, Magdalena Moska, Heliodor Wierzbicki, Przemysław Gagat, Dorota Mackiewicz (2017)
    Evolutionary history and phylogeographic relationships of shrews from Sorex araneus group PLoS One
    12 (6)
  4. Andrzej Bodył, Jakub Cieśla, Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat (2017)
    Cyanobacterial Endosymbionts of Paulinella Chromatophora Shed New Light on the Birth of Cellular Organelles. ''In: M. Grube, J. Seckbach and L. Muggia (eds), Algal and Cyanobacteria Symbioses, World Scientific Punlishing Europe Ltd., London pp. 279-328
  5. Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz (2016)
    Breaking the endosymbiont-organelle border: the case of Paulinella chromatophora Endocytobiosis and Cell Research
    27 (3) pp. 45-51
  6. Przemysław Gagat, Paweł Mackiewicz (2016)
    Endosymbioza Wiedza i Życie
    6/2016 () pp. 42-47
  7. Przemysław Gagat, Paweł Mackiewicz (2014)
    Protein translocons in photosynthetic organelles of Paulinella. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae
    83 (4) pp. 399–407
  8. Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, John W. Stiller (2014)
    Tertiary Plastid Endosymbioses in Dinoflagellates ''In: Wolfgang Löffelhardt (ed) Endosymbiosis Springer Verlag, Wien pp. 233-290
  9. Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat (2014)
    Monophyly of Archaeplastida supergroup and relationships among its lineages in the light of phylogenetic and phylogenomic studies. Are we close to a consensus? Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae
    83 (4) pp. 263–280
  10. Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz (2013)
    How protein targeting to primary plastids via the endomembrane system could have evolved? A new hypothesis based on phylogenetic studies. Biology Direct
    8 (1) pp. 18
  11. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył, Przemysław Gagat (2013)
    Nucleomorph Genomes ''In: S. Maloy and K. Hughes (eds.) Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics, 2nd Edition. Volume 5. Elsevier Press pp. 128-133
  12. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył, Przemysław Gagat (2012)
    Protein import into the photosynthetic organelles of Paulinella chromatophora and its implications for primary plastid endosymbiosis. Symbiosis
    58 (1-3) pp. 99-107
  13. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat (2012)
    Organelle evolution: Paulinella breaks a paradigm. Current Biology
    22 (9) pp. 304-306
  14. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył, Przemysław Gagat (2012)
    Possible import routes of proteins into the cyanobacterial endosymbionts/plastids of Paulinella chromatophora. Theory in Biosciences
    131 (1) pp. 1-18
  15. Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył (2010)
    Genomika protistów - bardzo zrónicowanych, ale słabo poznanych eukariotów (Genomics of Protists - very diversified but poorly studied eukaryotes). Biotechnologia
    4 (91) pp. 91-130

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