Papers by Małgorzata Proćków

  1. Małgorzata Proćków, Elżbieta Kuźnik-Kowalska, Aleksandra Żeromska, Paweł Mackiewicz (2022)
    Temporal variation in climatic factors influences phenotypic diversity of Trochulus land snails Scientific Reports
    12 () pp. 12357
  2. Małgorzata Proćków, Elżbieta Kuźnik-Kowalska, Joanna Pieńkowska, Aleksandra Żeromska, Paweł Mackiewicz (2021)
    Speciation in sympatric species of land snails from the genus Trochulus (Gastropoda, Hygromiidae) Zoologica Scripta
    50 (1) pp. 16-42
  3. Małgorzata Proćków, Michael Duda, Luise Kruckenhauser, Wim J. M. Maassen, Anton J. de Winter, Paweł Mackiewicz (2019)
    Redescription of the western Balkan species Xerocampylaea waldemari and its phylogenetic relationships to other Urticicolini (Gastropoda: Hygromiidae) Systematics and Biodiversity
    17 (4) pp. 367-384
  4. Małgorzata Proćków, Jarosław Proćkow, Paweł Błażej, Paweł Mackiewicz (2018)
    The influence of habitat preferences on shell morphology in ecophenotypes of Trochulus hispidus complex. Science of the Total Environment
    630 () pp. 1036-1043
  5. Małgorzata Proćków, Elżbieta Kuźnik-Kowalska, Paweł Mackiewicz (2017)
    The influence of climate on shell variation in Trochulus striolatus (C. Pfeiffer, 1828) (Gastropoda: Hygromiidae) and its implications for subspecies taxonomy Annales Zoologici
    67 (2) pp. 199-220
  6. Małgorzata Proćków, Tomasz Strzała, Elżbieta Kuźnik-Kowalska, Jarosław Proćkow, Paweł Mackiewicz (2017)
    Ongoing Speciation and Gene Flow between Taxonomically Challenging Trochulus Species Complex (Gastropoda: Hygromiidae) PLoS One
    12 (1)
  7. Małgorzata Proćków, Elżbieta Kuźnik-Kowalska, Paweł Mackiewicz (2017)
    Phenotypic plasticity can explain evolution of sympatric polymorphism in the hairy snail Trochulus hispidus (Linnaeus, 1758) Current Zoology
    63 (4) pp. 389-402
  8. Małgorzata Proćków, Tomasz Strzała, Elżbieta Kuźnik-Kowalska, Paweł Mackiewicz (2014)
    Morphological similarity and molecular divergence of Trochulus striolatus and T. montanus, and their relationship to sympatric congeners (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Hygromiidae). Systematics and Biodiversity
    12 (3) pp. 366-384
  9. Małgorzata Proćków, Paweł Mackiewicz, Joanna Pieńkowska (2013)
    Genetic and morphological studies of species status for poorly known endemic Trochulus phorochaetius (Bourguignat, 1864) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Hygromiidae), and its comparison with closely related taxa. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society
    169 () pp. 124–143

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