Papers by Mateusz Kula

  1. Katarzyna Bońkowska, Mateusz Kula, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2007)
    Inbreeding and outbreeding depressions in the Penna model as a result of crossover frequency. Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
    18 (8) pp. 1329-1338
  2. Stanisław Cebrat, Przemysław Biecek, Mateusz Kula, Katarzyna Bońkowska (2007)
    White noise and synchronization shaping the age structure of the human population. Proc. SPIE, Noise and Fluctuation in Biological, Biophysical and Biomedical Systems
    66020O-1-9 ()

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