Papers by Dietrich Stauffer

  1. Stanisław Cebrat, Wojciech Waga, Dietrich Stauffer (2012)
    The role of haplotype complementation and purifying selection in the genome evolution Advances in Complex Systems
    15 (1) pp. 1250041
  2. Dietrich Stauffer, Stanisław Cebrat, T.J.P. Penna, A.O. Sousa (2011)
    Love kills: simulations in Penna ageing model International Journal of Modern Physics C
    22 (3) pp. 283-295
  3. Dietrich Stauffer, Stanisław Cebrat (2011)
    Haplotype complementarity under mutational pressure Frontiers in Bioscience (Schol Ed) S3
    (1) pp. 408-415
  4. Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer, Jorge S. Sa Martins, Suzana Moss de Oliveira, Paulo Murilo de Oliveira (2011)
    Modelling survival and allele complementation in the evolution of genomes with polymorphic loci Theory in Biosciences
    130 (2) pp. 135-143
  5. Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2009)
    Influence of a small fraction of individuals with enhanced mutations on a population genetic pool Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
    20 (8) pp. 1271-1280
  6. Dietrich Stauffer, Stanisław Cebrat (2008)
    Sexual reproduction from the male (men) point of view ''Populations and Evolution (q-bio.PE) arXiv:0710.3988 pp. 20 pages with many figures, draft for Windwer Summer School proceedings
  7. Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2008)
    Gamete recognition and complementary haplotypes in sexual Penna ageing model International Journal of Modern Physics C
    19 (2) pp. 259-265
  8. Paulo Murilo de Oliveira, Suzana Moss de Oliveira, Dietrich Stauffer, Stanisław Cebrat, Andrzej Pękalski (2008)
    Does Sex Induce a Phase Transition? European Phys. J. B.
    63 () pp. 245-254
  9. Diana Garncarz, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer, Klaus Blindert (2007)
    Why are diploid genomes widespread and dominant mutations rare? Theory in Biosciences
    126 () pp. 47-53
  10. Katarzyna Bońkowska, Mateusz Kula, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2007)
    Inbreeding and outbreeding depressions in the Penna model as a result of crossover frequency. Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
    18 (8) pp. 1329-1338
  11. Dietrich Stauffer, Stanisław Cebrat (2006)
    Extinction in genetic bit string model with sexual recombination. Advances in Complex Systems (ACS)
    9 (1-2) pp. 147-156
  12. Michael Masa, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2006)
    Does telomere elongation lead to a longer lifespan if cancer is considered? Physica A
    364 () pp. 324-330
  13. Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2005)
    Altruism and antagonistic pleiotropy in Penna ageing model. Theory in Biosciences
    123 () pp. 235-241
  14. Agnieszka Łaszkiewicz, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2005)
    Scaling effects in the Penna ageing model. Adv. Complex Systems
    8 (1) pp. 7-14
  15. Stanisław Cebrat, Jan P. Radomski, Dietrich Stauffer (2004)
    Genetic Paralog Analysis and Simulations. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
    3039 () pp. 709-717
  16. Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2002)
    Monte Carlo simulation of genome viability with paralogs replacement. Journal of Applied Genetics
    43 () pp. 391-395
  17. Ewa Niewczas, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2000)
    The influence of the Medical Care on the Human Life Expectancy in 20th Century and the Penna Ageing Model. Theory in Biosciences
    119 () pp. 122-131
  18. Paulo Murilo de Oliveira, Suzana Moss de Oliveira, Dietrich Stauffer, Stanisław Cebrat (1999)
    Penna Ageing Model and Improvement of Medical Care in 20th Century. Physica A
    273 () pp. 145-149
  19. Johan Schneider, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (1998)
    Why do women live longer than men? A Monte Carlo simulation of Penna models with X and Y chromosomes. Int. J. Mod. Physics C
    9 () pp. 721-725

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