Papers by Anna Bartkowiak

  1. Anna Bartkowiak, Stanisław Cebrat, Paweł Mackiewicz (2004)
    Probabilistic PCA and neural networks in search of representative features for some yeast genome data. ''In: T. Burczynski, W. Cholewa, W. Moczulski (editors), Recent developments in artificial intelligence methods. AI-METH Series on Artificial Intelligence Methods, Gliwice pp. 21-26
  2. Anna Bartkowiak, Adam Szustalewicz, Stanisław Cebrat, Paweł Mackiewicz (2003)
    Kohonen's self-organizing maps as applied to graphical visualization of some yeast DNA data. Listy Biometryczne – Biometrical Letters
    40 (2) pp. 37-56
  3. Anna Bartkowiak, Stanisław Cebrat, Paweł Mackiewicz (1999)
    Some statistical problems arising when investigating DNA sequences. ''Second European Conference on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems, Pavia, September 14-18, 1999, Book of Abstracts: pp. 19-21

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