Papers by Jakub Cieśla

  1. Andrzej Bodył, Jakub Cieśla, Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat (2017)
    Cyanobacterial Endosymbionts of Paulinella Chromatophora Shed New Light on the Birth of Cellular Organelles. ''In: M. Grube, J. Seckbach and L. Muggia (eds), Algal and Cyanobacteria Symbioses, World Scientific Punlishing Europe Ltd., London pp. 279-328
  2. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, Jakub Cieśla (2017)
    Endosymbiotic Theory: Models and Challenges. ''Reference Module in Life Sciences; Update of A. Bodył, P. Mackiewicz Endosymbiotic Theory Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics pp. 1-12

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