Papers by Andrzej Pękalski

  1. Paulo Murilo de Oliveira, Suzana Moss de Oliveira, Dietrich Stauffer, Stanisław Cebrat, Andrzej Pękalski (2008)
    Does Sex Induce a Phase Transition? European Phys. J. B.
    63 () pp. 245-254
  2. Stanisław Cebrat, Andrzej Pękalski, Fabian Scharf (2006)
    Monte Carlo simulations of the inside intron recombination. Int. J. Mod. Phys. C
    17 (2) pp. 305-314
  3. Stanisław Cebrat, Andrzej Pękalski (2004)
    The Role of Dominant Mutations in the Population Expansion. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
    3039 () pp. 765-770
  4. Stanisław Cebrat, Andrzej Pękalski (1999)
    Model of population evolution with and without eugenics. Eur. Phys. J. B
    11 (4) pp. 687-690

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