Papers by Ewa Niewczas

  1. Agnieszka Łaszkiewicz, Ewa Niewczas, Szymon Szymczak, Agnieszka Kurdziel, Stanisław Cebrat (2002)
    Higher mortality of the youngest organisms predicted by the Penna aging model. Int. J. Modern Phys. C
    13 () pp. 967-973
  2. Ewa Niewczas, Stanisław Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer (2000)
    The influence of the Medical Care on the Human Life Expectancy in 20th Century and the Penna Ageing Model. Theory in Biosciences
    119 () pp. 122-131
  3. Ewa Niewczas, Agnieszka Kurdziel, Stanisław Cebrat (2000)
    Housekeeping Genes and Death Genes in the Penna Ageing Model. Int. J. Modern Phys. C
    11 (4) pp. 775-784

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