Papers by Andrzej Bodył

  1. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, Jakub Cieśla (2017)
    Endosymbiotic Theory: Models and Challenges. ''Reference Module in Life Sciences; Update of A. Bodył, P. Mackiewicz Endosymbiotic Theory Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics pp. 1-12
  2. Andrzej Bodył, Jakub Cieśla, Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat (2017)
    Cyanobacterial Endosymbionts of Paulinella Chromatophora Shed New Light on the Birth of Cellular Organelles. ''In: M. Grube, J. Seckbach and L. Muggia (eds), Algal and Cyanobacteria Symbioses, World Scientific Punlishing Europe Ltd., London pp. 279-328
  3. Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz (2016)
    Breaking the endosymbiont-organelle border: the case of Paulinella chromatophora Endocytobiosis and Cell Research
    27 (3) pp. 45-51
  4. Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, John W. Stiller (2014)
    Tertiary Plastid Endosymbioses in Dinoflagellates ''In: Wolfgang Löffelhardt (ed) Endosymbiosis Springer Verlag, Wien pp. 233-290
  5. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz (2013)
    Endosymbiotic Theory ''In: S. Maloy and K. Hughes (eds.) Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics, 2nd Edition. Volume 2. Elsevier Press pp. 484-492
  6. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył, Krzysztof Moszczyński (2013)
    The case of horizontal gene transfer from bacteria to the peculiar dinoflagellate plastid genome. Mobile Genetic Elements
    3 (4)
  7. Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz (2013)
    How protein targeting to primary plastids via the endomembrane system could have evolved? A new hypothesis based on phylogenetic studies. Biology Direct
    8 (1) pp. 18
  8. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył, Przemysław Gagat (2013)
    Nucleomorph Genomes ''In: S. Maloy and K. Hughes (eds.) Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics, 2nd Edition. Volume 5. Elsevier Press pp. 128-133
  9. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat (2012)
    Organelle evolution: Paulinella breaks a paradigm. Current Biology
    22 (9) pp. 304-306
  10. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył, Przemysław Gagat (2012)
    Possible import routes of proteins into the cyanobacterial endosymbionts/plastids of Paulinella chromatophora. Theory in Biosciences
    131 (1) pp. 1-18
  11. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył, Przemysław Gagat (2012)
    Protein import into the photosynthetic organelles of Paulinella chromatophora and its implications for primary plastid endosymbiosis. Symbiosis
    58 (1-3) pp. 99-107
  12. Krzysztof Moszczyński, Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył (2012)
    Evidence for horizontal gene transfer from bacteroidetes bacteria to dinoflagellate minicircles. Molecular Biology and Evolution
    29 (3) pp. 887-892
  13. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, John W. Stiller (2010)
    Comparative genomic studies suggest that the cyanobacterial endosymbionts of the amoeba Paulinella chromatophora possess an import apparatus for nuclear-encoded proteins. Plant Biology
    12 () pp. 639-649
  14. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, Rafał Milanowski (2010)
    Did trypanosomatid parasites contain a eukaryotic alga-derived plastid in their evolutionary past? Journal of Parasitology
    96 (2) pp. 465-475
  15. Paweł Mackiewicz, Andrzej Bodył (2010)
    A hypothesis for import of the nuclear-encoded PsaE protein of Paulinella chromatophora (Cercozoa, Rhizaria) into its cyanobacterial endosymbionts/plastids via the endomembrane system Journal of Phycology
    46 (5) pp. 847-859
  16. Paweł Mackiewicz, Przemysław Gagat, Andrzej Bodył (2010)
    Genomika protistów - bardzo zrónicowanych, ale słabo poznanych eukariotów (Genomics of Protists - very diversified but poorly studied eukaryotes). Biotechnologia
    4 (91) pp. 91-130
  17. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, John W. Stiller (2009)
    Early steps in plastid evolution: current ideas and controversies Bioessays
    31 (11) pp. 1219-1232
  18. Andrzej Bodył, John W. Stiller, Paweł Mackiewicz (2009)
    Chromalveolate plastids: direct descent or multiple endosymbioses? Trends in Ecology and Evolution
    24 (3) pp. 119-121
  19. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz (2008)
    Were class C iron-containing superoxide dismutases of trypanosomatid parasites initially imported into a complex plastid? A hypothesis based on analyses of their N-terminal targeting signals. Parasitology
    135 (9) pp. 1101-1110
  20. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz (2007)
    Analysis of the targeting sequences of an iron-containing superoxide dismutase (SOD) of the dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedrum suggests function in multiple cellular compartments. Arch. Microbiol.
    187 (4) pp. 281-296
  21. Andrzej Bodył, Paweł Mackiewicz, John W. Stiller (2007)
    The intracellular cyanobacteria of Paulinella chromatophora: endosymbionts or organelles? Trends Microbiol.
    15 (7) pp. 295-296

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